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How your phone system can help you meet your customer experience objectives

A 2020 study concluded that callers to SMEs spend 20% of call time on hold, which means you’ve got time to engage callers in your products and services, and make their experience of getting an answer to their question as easy as possible. But how can you use your phone system as a tool to improve CX?

Make it easy for callers to get the answers they need

Fidelity Studio’s professional prompt recordings create truly useful IVR menus that help callers quickly reach the right person to resolve their query. What’s more, informative and sincerely empathetic in-queue messages help direct callers to other communication channels that may be better suited to their reason for calling, which helps to reduce caller frustration, and take the pressure off when you’re receiving more calls than normal.

Prompts can also be used to keep callers informed of known disruptions to service. Here’s an example:

Your local travel agent has 10 employees. Several flights have been cancelled to destinations in Spain and Greece and they are therefore receiving an influx of calls. This is creating a long wait time for people who are calling for more info on their cancelled flights, callers wanting to make new reservations, or check on bookings that are unrelated to the cancelled flights.

Fidelity Studio enables you to quickly and easily write and set live a text-to-speech message, that lets the affected customers know you are aware of the flight cancellations and that they will be contacted by a member of your team shortly. These callers can then end their calls, satisfied that their enquiry is in hand, instead of growing more frustrated as wait times grow. Plus, queue length is drastically reduced for all other callers.

So it’s easy to see how these tools can lead to direct increases in CSAT/NPS scores.

Relevant, up to date marketing

Once a caller is waiting in queue, they are a captive audience for promotions and marketing messages. Playing marketing messages to waiting callers keeps them updated with all your promotions, and helps them engage with the products and services your offer. Harnessing this opportunity to engage and delight customers has led some businesses to increase sales, with 93% of customers saying they would be likely to make an additional purchase with companies who offer excellent experiences.1

Showing callers your brand

It’s estimated that consistent brand presentation increases revenue by an average of 23%,2 and Fidelity Studio makes it easy to extend your brand across your phone system using bespoke recordings. What’s more – our bank of 300+ professional voice artists makes it easy to sound local, wherever you operate, with one small monthly cost included in your telephony bill.

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